My Story

To be there for others, you first have to be there for yourself!

I have been a mental health therapist for over 5 years now, and I found yoga during my own journey of self-care. I was exhausted and knew I needed some type of outlet. Once I started yoga, it was instant love. I became certified with the goal of bringing yoga to as many people as possible!

So, why Alt Yoga? Well, I’ve been a Rockford, Illinois girl since birth. Our area is incredible! Rockford is full of life, culture, and uniqueness. Traditional yoga is wonderful but it can unintentionally be exclusive. This is how Alt Yoga was created. I combine traditional postures of yoga with the alternative elements of swearing, drinking, listening to rad music, themed events, fun hand gestures, comedy, and more! It’s a style of yoga for the people!


Bring Alt Yoga to you!

Alt Yoga has done public and private events, including mental health workshops, trauma-sensitive yoga workshops, motivational speaking, special events, fundraisers, and more!


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